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What is Creators’ Kitchen?

Get trending TikTok food delivered to your door! Creators’ Kitchen™ is a virtual restaurant brand bringing you the latest TikTok food trends. Created by Virtual Dining Concepts, the leaders in the delivery and pick-up restaurant business. Want to try the latest trends? Order Now! Want to know more? Check out the FAQ and learn more on our About page.

Where is Creators’ Kitchen located?

Creators’ Kitchen™ is a delivery and pick-up restaurant available across the United States. We deliver within 5-10 miles of our kitchen locations. Click here to enter your delivery address and see if we to your area.

When is Creators’ Kitchen coming to my area?

Creators’ Kitchen™ is growing fast. If we are not yet delivering in your city, please fill out this form and let us know where you want a location near you.

Can I pick up my order from Creators’ Kitchen? Do you offer takeout?

Yes! Creators’ Kitchen is available for pick up and delivery nationwide. Check out our locations for the one nearest you.

What are your hours? What times is Creators’ Kitchen open?

Get lunch, dinner, and late-night food delivered today. We are open for delivery seven days a week. Hours of operation vary by location, including national holidays.

Do you offer Creators’ Kitchen discount codes or coupons?

Join The Creators’ Kitchen Club here to receive Creators’ Kitchen™ special offers, coupons, and promotions via text. We promise to only send you awesome deals. No spam! From time to time we also partner with 3rd party delivery services to offer special promotions. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

I have an issue with the delivery service, who can I contact?

We are very sorry to hear you’ve had issues with your Creators’ Kitchen delivery order. Please, contact the 3rd party delivery service you ordered from to request immediate resolution. They have all the necessary information about your order and will coordinate with the Creators’ Kitchen™ location involved to resolve your issue. We appreciate your business. If you have any other concerns, please contact us at 01-555-555-555